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Inteb proudly designs its drivers in the UK with component manufacturing in India & China to bring together a robust, reliable & efficient power supply commonly known as LED Driver to drive the new generation LED Lighting Modules allowing you to benefit the most from your investment in LED Lighting. Inteb is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of LED power supplies. We develop and continuously grow our line of LED drivers based on field applications and input from customers including many leaders in the LED lighting industries.

Inteb LED Drivers are designed for today’s newest generation of high-efficiency LED lighting products. These compact, highly efficient modules are world-market ready with universal input power and certifications by major testing agencies. Available in several different power ratings, Inteb LED Drivers have environmental and operating characteristics that can’t be matched by conventional modules, making them suitable for the broadest possible range of LED Lighting applications.

Inteb LED Drivers are constant-current ac-dc power supply modules for powering strings of LEDs for light engine applications. All modules offer a constant current output of standard specifications (unless otherwise specified). Their specifications, rugged packaging and regulatory approvals make them ideal solutions for indoor/outdoor,residential, industrial and commercial LED lighting fixtures.

Inteb LED Drivers